Duets Special Edition album cover
Duets: Special Edition

This high resolution audio special edition of Duets by Omni Uno is a unique collection of original cello and electronic piano compositions that are cerebral and imbued with emotion.

Nura Stone and her cello have traveled around the planet and beyond, back from her days with critically-acclaimed group, Dark Chocolate.  Here, she channels life experience with a transcendent musical perspective. Neal Stone's electronic piano compliments her cello with driving bass lines and inspired syncopated chords to create the perfect melodic harmony and counterpoint. Not to be missed, this album invites one for repeated plays and deserves a place among your favorites. "Very nice… Together, they make something beautiful happen." -- Pat Metheny.

1.   Night Muse 3:56
2.   S Car Go 3:46
3.   Dolphin Dreaming 4:04 
4.   Bluebell Park 4:32
5.   Cricket Serenade 4:29 
6.   Raymore 3:27 
7.   Almond Eyes 3:59 
8.   Lucile 3:02
9.   Toucan Fly 4:58 
10. Ernesto 3:51 
11. My Place 4:20
Nura Stone - Cello
Neal Stone - Electronic Piano
Produced by Neal Stone
All music composed and arranged by Nura Stone and Neal Stone
Copyright - 2012 / ASCAP / Nura Stone and Neal Stone
Published - 2013 / ASCAP / RayStone Music Publishing,
Worldwide rights licensed to MEGAWAVE, P.O. Box 15219, Lansing, Michigan 48901-5219.
Unauthorized duplication is prohibited. All rights reserved.
Recorded, Mixed, Mastered at: Mountain Road Recording Studios, Albuquerque, New Mexico - 2010
Additional Mastering - Neal Stone
Engineer - Sid Fendley
Engineer Assistant - Ed Schultz
Engineer Assistant - Daniel Ward
Photography - Neal Stone
Art Design - Nura Stone
Artistic Direction - Team Tark

Special Thanks / Jim Morrison, Pat Metheny, Lucile Mumaw, Russ Long, Erik Meyer, Rangjug Rigpe Dorje, Ronnie Ray Padilla, Pete Eye, Ken Jacob, Roberta McLaren, Frank Paine, Eleonore Schoenfeld, Ira Lehn, Geoffrey Rutkowski, David Darling, Susan Scarberry-Garcia, Meritt & Mabel Stone, Bill & Phyllis Scarberry


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